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Who says organizing needs to feel like a chore?

When you’re looking around at your mountain of “stuff” and can’t decide where to start, Declutter Go!™ is a fun motivational tool that gamifies home organization using mini-challenges and rewards.



You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish in so little time! Roll the dice to beat procrastination and declutter your way to more happiness, focus, and peace of mind.




Sometimes all you need is a little nudge to get moving! Declutter Go! uses Newton’s first law of motion to snap you out of inaction, giving you a single task to stay focused on at one time. Once you start, you’re on a roll!


Break your big decluttering projects down into tiny tasks that feel easy to do. As you dice through the clutter and see yourself making real progress, the positive reinforcement builds your momentum!


Science says when you’re looking forward to a reward, your brain does a happy dance from the dopamine rush! This kicks your motivation into high gear, making it easier to get started and move through your decluttering goals.

Hi, I'm Lynne Poulton

Certified Professional Organizer, Founder of Wholly Organized!® and Creator of Declutter Go!

Meet Lynne Poulton


I live in Akron, Ohio with my husband and elderly pup, Molly the miniature beagle. My 80+ year old parents live in the house next door and keep the heat & a/c going in the Declutter go!™ fulfillment center, located in their basement.  

First a social worker and now an organizer, I weave my 25 years as a Licensed Social Worker and nearly 10 years of organizing work into an approach that appreciates the person first and the stuff second. 

In my professional organizing business, Wholly Organized!®, I work in-person and virtually with clients to tackle the clutter in their minds and homes. My clients want less stress and less stuff, and often struggle to find the motivation to get started on tasks.

I also appeared on several episodes of season 7 and 8 of Lifetime's Hoarders: Family Secrets.



Lynne Poulton CPO-CD®The Story Behind Declutter Go™

Traditional organizing strategies don’t work for everyone. That’s why I was inspired to create a better way to get things done that didn’t feel like such a chore. And after COVID-19 made it more challenging for people to get support with decluttering, suddenly it occurred to me that this game had the potential to help MORE people than my in-person organizing services.

There’s scientific proof that gamifying boring tasks and rewarding yourself for completing a project creates a sense of accomplishment, inspiring you to finish faster and achieve more.

My hope is that Declutter Go!™ will help you get started decluttering your life, let go of what doesn’t serve you, and have fun doing it!

Happy decluttering and organizing,


Professional Memberships & Certifications

The Board of Certifications for Professional Organizers  National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals MemberNAPO 5 Years Golden CircleCertified Professional Organizer