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Spring Cleaning with Declutter Go!® and The Time Timer

spring cleaning more efficient and fun with the declutter game and favorite timer tool

It’s that time of year again: flowers are blooming, it’s getting warmer out, if you live in the Northeast you may have one more weekend of winter… but more importantly, Spring is here!

If you’re anything like us, that means you’re getting ready to do some spring cleaning. And we have the perfect products to help you on your spring cleaning journey! Before we share those, have you ever wondered where the idea of spring cleaning comes from?

Spring Cleaning: A History  

Believe it or not, this beloved tradition has roots in religion! 

Where spring cleaning came from

In Jewish custom, it’s linked to the holiday Passover, which marks the Jews exodus from Egypt. During Passover Jews eat matzo, which is unleavened bread, and people used to clean the home to erase any traces of yeast before the holiday started. 

In Christian custom, Catholics will clean the altar in a church the day before Good Friday, which is in the spring. And sometimes Greek orthodox christians will clean their houses for a week leading up to Lent. 

Spring cleaning comes from old traditions

And Finally the Iranian holiday called Nowruz, also known as Persian New Year, traditionally involves cleaning and renewing your wardrobe. The celebration lasts for 13 days!

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On another level, spring cleaning was a practical necessity coming out of the winter months.

Before people had more electric appliances and gas burning fireplaces, coal was used to heat houses and gas was used for lamps and light. So every spring, people would clean out all the grime and build up caused by burning coal and oil. 

Not to mention, nature tells us it's time to renew and refresh when the days get longer and brighter. Your body actually produces more melatonin, a hormone that makes us sleepier, during winter months - meaning that in the springtime when your body stops producing that hormone, you naturally have more energy!

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Spring into Action, with Declutter Game

If all this talk of spring cleaning has got you feeling motivated, we have just the thing!

Meet Declutter Go!®

The first EVER organizing and decluttering game! It's simple enough to be suitable for clutter conquerors of all ages, and effective enough to actually make a difference in your space and home. 

The variety of dice allow you to customize the game to fit your needs, and the

declutter go a decluttering game with so many options

built in rewards system gives you something to look forward to - besides the sense of accomplishment you'll no doubt feel! Declutter Go!® will bring the fun into getting organized for spring.

Lynne Poulton, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Wholly Organized!®, created the game to help clients who feels overwhelmed:

“Many of my clients don’t know where to start with organizing: they want a calmer home, and to have more time for fun. They want to be productive and they often can’t get started.  My solution – make things a game and have fun, literally!”  

lynne poulton founder and creator of declutter go

Click here to watch the full explanation on how to play Declutter Go!® And there’s no better way to keep track of your decluttering sprints during the game, then with the Time Timer®

A Match Made in Heaven

use time timer to get things done in the time you want

So you’ve got your copy of Declutter Go!®, you’ve got your Time Timer® in your favorite color, and with these tools under your belt you are ready to conquer spring cleaning! 

The next time you roll the Declutter Go!® dice, use a Time Timer® to keep you on track, and to eliminate the distractions that could come from keeping time with your phone or another device. The timer will also serve as a visual reminder of the progress that you are making! Now that is something to feel spring-y about!

purchase your very own time timer to use with your game

Declutter Go!® is the perfect way to help you kick start spring cleaning — and remember: spring cleaning lasts for a whole season! Roll the dice one day a week, for a whole weekend, or a couple times over the next few months; what's important is that you get started, and do what works for you. If the thought of spring cleaning has felt overwhelming in the past, then let Declutter Go!® and Time Timer® be your guide, and see where the dice take you. 

Spring cleaning was born of tradition, and we hope that Declutter Go!® and Time Timer® will become a part of your tradition. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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